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History of Mockups To Go

  • 1 day ago (), balsamiqAdminFlorian deleted the comment by cre8ivelabs on mockup Split Button made in project Controls.:
  • 1 day ago (), cre8ivelabs commented Split Button in Controls:
  • 6 days ago (), BalsamiqAdminVirgin commented Balsamiq Keyboard Shortcuts in Annotation and Markup:
    Hey Ilse! Sorry for the confusion, Command is a Mac Key but you can replace it by CTRL for Windows indeed. You will find all the keyboard shortcuts on this page: https://docs.balsamiq.com/desktop/shortcuts/

    Hope this helps! :)
  • 6 days ago (), Guest commented Balsamiq Keyboard Shortcuts in Annotation and Markup:
    Not sure how I can translate this to my keyboard. E.g. to cut, copy and paste I use CTRL+X, CTRL+C and CTRL+V instead of the command button. Which button is that anyway?
  • 1 week ago (), Guest commented Editable List in Web Apps and Sites:
    Very cool!
  • 2 weeks ago (), BalsamiqAdminVirgin commented Finding and Using Libraries in 1. How to Use Mockups To Go:
    Hi Will and sorry for the confusion with this.

    You can import an entire category by using the "Download Zip..." option instead. Once the file is download to your local machine, unzip it and it will reveal a BMML file for each symbol. You can then use the "Import > BMML Symbols Libraries…" option to import all of them in your project.

    Hope this helps!
  • 3 weeks ago (), Guest commented Finding and Using Libraries in 1. How to Use Mockups To Go:
    Am I right in saying that I can't import an entire category into Balsamiq? For instance, I would like to import the entire "Dialogs and Windows" category into my Symbols list. I can download the category as a .bmpr, but I can't seem to import it because Import > BMML Symbols Libraries… doesn't allow me to select this file. I also tried Import > Assets…, but although I could select this file, nothing happened when I chose it. Do I have to download them all individually?

    And here's another vote for having integration with the app. Hope that a lot of progress has been made on that since the last user mentioned it a year ago!
  • 3 weeks ago (), Nathan commented Alert Box - Customizable in Controls:
    Can I change the justification on the text in the alert box?
  • 4 weeks ago (), Guest commented Bootstrap in Web Apps and Sites:
    this AWESOME!!!! - would have been a huge help on my last project and will be great for my next one - THANK YOU!!!
  • 1 month ago (), balsamiqAdminBrendan deleted the comment by WLOCH on mockup Treemap or Heatmap for Data Visualization made in project Diagrams.:
    benjamin la salope

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