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Sharepoint Elements

Contributed by Gordon MacLeod, Director, User Experience at Navantis Inc.

Includes: Text Block/Content Editor Webpart, Advanced Search Webpart, Announcements List Webpart, News List Webpart, List based Calendar Webpart, Task Webpart, Workflow Task Webpart, RSS Viewer Webpart, Link List Webpart, Top Bar, Document Library, Document Library Webpart, List, Colleague Tracker, My Site - In Common, My Site - Memberships, Advanced People Finder Flyout, Discussion Forum - Comments

Comments (2)

Guest replied 2 years ago, re: BalsamiqAdminPeldi's Version 1 from 2 years ago

Thank you, this is helpful

Guest replied 2 years ago, re: BalsamiqAdminPeldi's Version 2 from 2 years ago

Nice job. Thanks for taking time and doing this.

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